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Ravijis Infanity Education

Ravijis Infanity Education


Male |PENUKONDA, India

Rural Development through Zero Budget Natural Farming

17 Nov

2011 07:30 AM (CST)

This class ran for 165 minutes

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Today Agriculture has become a highly burdensome procedure involving heavy investments added to the turmoil faced by lesser probabilities of profitable output. Here is a marvelous process by which the investment is almost zero and outputs are innumerable by the natural processes developed and adopted by Sri Subhash Palekarji. today more than a few lakhs of hectares of land in India is converted into natural farming producing incredible results. Learn it how it is possible. This is the first of the series of sessions to awaken the new possibilities in Farming. The autor of this session has already trained a few hundred farmers and is training a team who can be trainers trainers. Those who believe that the countries progress is in Rural Development and that is possible only through sustainable form of agriculture are welcome to join this session for FREE! Come let us learn how to protect our mother earth from global warming and stop the farmers suicides.
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About the Host

Ravijis Infanity Education

Ravijis Infanity Education


Welcome to Raviji's Infanity Education. I am Ravisankar, normally called Raviji. I am a Post graduate in Legal studies and Science. I was with my Master Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar for over 3 decades. Being a disciple of Guruji has helped me develop this special program for parents, or pregnant or planning couples. This will free their children from any sort of hindrance for their growth. I have conducted more than a thousand workshops on various aspects from education to Yoga; from science of living to religious harmony; from health and fitness to rural development and natural farming...etc. I thank my mentor, Padmasri Subhash Palekarji for helping me train thousands of farmers.
I am a trained coach of "Teach to the Future" training held by Microsoft and Intel together.
I started doing this ISP online classes to facilitate parents who cannot travel to attend the regular classes. Now offline classes are available to facilitate parents who can do the courses at their own time and pace.
I sing, dance and laugh like a child. Of course my voice is produced in many audio tapes and VCDs. They are telecast in many TV programs.
I now lead a world renowned people's movement called NCN- Neighbourhood Community Network. Here my expertise is utilized in training children in Children's Parliament; youth in Neighbourhood youth parliaments and women in Women's parliaments. This is now UNO's recognized activity. I thank my mentor, Fr. Edwin for proposing me as NCN President.

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